I have been on a little sabbatical with my first love this last month. Upon getting home from the Freestate it seemed as if God was closing doors to ultimately invite me deeper with Him. 

For those who know me - sitting still is not my thing. But everything was on shutdown - orchestrated by the King. A sabbatical. And I was forced to COME AWAY with Him and Him alone.

Partly difficult and partly desperate for exactly that. 

It was as if I missed Him. 

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Lindy-Ann Hopley

I am so glad you found us here and that we get to rejoice together in God is doing around the world! A global awakening! 

You and I get to be a part of it! 

This month I am sharing about and speaking into something very different than usual. Being rather vulnerable and transparent, but I believe and trust that my journey of breakthrough will release courage and faith to accelerate you into the new season God already has pre-planned for your life before the beginning of time!

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