Growing up in church Lindy-Ann used to believe that God is either dry, boring, or a bunch of nonsense. But still, God didn’t give up on her. At the age of 13, in a small wooden feud church, for the first time in her life something happen that she didn’t expect. She experienced the tangible manifest presence of the living God.

“You’re real!” - she exclaimed. 

And so the story begins. I was the worst non-christian I knew and then I became the worst christian you knew.

Still God's pursuit of her remained. After Jesus appeared to her in her room and a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit she cried out: “ I must have this! I must!” She was never the same again.

The pursuit of the “more” has taken her all around the world to places such as Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism. Lindy-Ann now travels the globe full time preaching the gospel, healing the sick, setting the captives free and equipping the bride to do the same.

“All of creation is waiting for you - will you go?”

Whether ministering to one or thousands, the homeless, the gypsies in the streets in the south of France, in churches, at conferences, kids' meetings, at women’s meetings, to the prostitutes in the red light district, or to the businessmen in Dubai - she is fixed on getting Jesus His full reward. Brave passionate and on fire - signs and wonders follow where ever she goes.

But the one thing that impacts one the most is her love for her King!

“God’s love changes EVERYTHING”